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Ontario Custody Attorney

If a married couple has children, the divorce can quickly become complicated by disputes over child support and child custody. It is the goal of our firm to thoroughly examine your situation, and guide you to a successful custody and visitation plan. Do not hesitate to contact a lawyer at our firm to discuss your matter in greater detail.

At the Law Offices of Sherrie L. Davidson, Inc., our Ontario, California, custody attorney has extensive experience guiding clients through even the most complex family law matters. Divorcing couples must carefully consider the growth and development of their children. Matters such as custody and visitation can greatly influence the child's future, and must be addressed with both professionalism and sensitivity.

Ontario Visitation Attorney

Even though a child custody agreement can be modified as future circumstances change, it is wise to put in the effort to develop the most comprehensive plan that's possible in the present. We will develop a parenting plan that addresses numerous issues such as relocation, doctor's visits and extracurricular activities. Custody itself is commonly divided into two sections.

  • Physical custody: This portion of the agreement defines where the child will actually be, whether this means holiday visitation, a rotating weekly schedule or another customized parenting plan.
  • Legal custody: This portion of the agreement clarifies parental responsibility for major decisions in the child's life. Shared legal custody commonly means that decisions regarding a child's religion, education or medical care will be made by both parents.

The standard that the court will use to make decisions is the notion of "the best interest of the children." While we will attempt to meld the goals of the parents with the best interest of the children, the needs of the children will influence all decisions. Contact our firm to schedule a consultation to discuss your unique situation.

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If you have questions regarding custody, schedule a consultation with an attorney at the Law Offices of Sherrie L. Davidson, Inc.. We can be reached at 909-937-0099 or through our online contact form on this website. Our normal office hours are Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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